18 Mar 2013, 14:30 CET
Chair: David Teyssier (HSC/ESA)

In the call: David Teyssier, Elena Puga, Emmanuel Caux, Umut Yildiz, Sylvie Beaulieu, Bruno MerĂ­n

Video recording of the webinar


Minute 0:00 - 1. Recent news on HIPE 10
Minute 18:00 - 2. Teaser of of what's coming in HIPE 11.0
Minute 26:30 - 3. Typical workflow for analyzing HIFI archive data
Minute 59:00 - 4. Good practice of Side-Band ratio correction
Minute 1:31:29 : End of video

Video at the HIPE Academy youtube channel: http://youtu.be/IzTRBYLB3Ro

Questions and Answers

Q - Emmanuel Caux: when was this webinar announced? I only became aware of it last friday, which is too late.
A - Bruno Merin: it was announced in a mass-mailing sent out on 6 March 2013 and then last friday, and today two times. You can subscribe to the HIFI mailing list at http://www.sciops.esa.int/mailman/listinfo/herschel_dp_hifi.

Q - Emmanuel Caux: fitBaseline has been coded in java and it is available in which version?
Q - Sylvie Beaulieu: this will be available in HIPE 11.

Q - Emmanuel: How will it work with flagTool?
A - Sylvie Beaulieu: It will work as an independent tool or in combination with fitBaseline or hifiFitFringe.

Q- Umut Yildiz: we are about to delver data to the HSC, we will use HIPE 10.1, is the side-band ratio included in the HIPE 10 pipeline? What are we going to deliver?
A - David Teyssier: In HIPE 10 you will have the same we had in HIPE 9 (very conservative, unity ratio except in bands 2 and 5).

Q - Bruno Merin: how do you keep the information about the manual flags?
A - David Teyssier: As explained in slide 13 from the presentation above, you extract it as a variable in HIPE and then you can save it to a FITS file that you can read back in a future to re-use it for further post-processing like baseline fitting, fringe fitting, deconvolution or any other analysis. You will need to name the file in such a way that you will be able to recall which obsid does it relate to. The flagTool also saves the same table to a FITS file with the obsid number, plus a time-stamp while you are running the tool in case it crashes.
A - Sylvie Beaulieu: but the autosave will only work from 5 manual flags onwards.


Webinar contents

1. Recent news
2. Teaser of of what's coming in 11.0
3. Typical workflow on archive data
4. Good practice of Side-Band ratio correction


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