11 April 2013, 14:30 CET
Chair: Elena Puga (HSC/ESA)

In the call: Elena Puga, Ian Avruch, Manuel Neuer, Michael Olberg, Michael Migo Mueller, Rosalind Hopwood, Pedro García-Lario, Emmanuel Caux, Bruno Merín.

Video recording of the webinar

Watch the video at the HIPE Academy youtube channel: http://youtu.be/TOKea7HhNZI

Minute 0:00 - 1. Herschel spectrometers comparison: leaks and pointing considerations
Minute 15:10 - 2. Extraction of line fluxes for SPIRE, HIFI and PACS (presentation)
Minute 48:15 - 3. Demo on line flux extraction for the SPIRE spectrometer
Minute 52:35 - 4. Demo on line flux extraction for the HIFI instrument
Minute 58:10 - 5. Demo on line flux extraction for the PACS spectrometer
Minute 1:01:30 - 6. Comparison of line flux ratios with HSC cross-calibration results
Minute 1:03:59 - 7. Notes on unit conversions in HIPE
Minute 1:08:01 - 8. Continuum sources (presentation and SPIRE-PACS combination demo)
Minute 1:12:55 - 7. Future prospects (presentation)
Minute 1:15:10 - 8. Extended sources (presentation)
Minute 1:17:00 - 9. Questions and Answers
Minute 1:23:50 : End of video

Questions and Answers

Q - Ian Avruch: are the uncertainties you get from your fitting reasonable?
R - Elena Puga: Yes, they are reasonable in the statistical sense (relative to the number of samples per source and per frequency).

Q - Emmanuel Caux: what about the statistical errors?
R - Elena Puga: All the errors I quote just include the fitting errors and the statistical errors from the fact that we are visiting several times the same lines, they do not include the quoted calibration errors. This is why we have at least three visits per line and source..
R - Elena Puga: PACS quote 15 % peak to peak plus 10 % band-to-band errors that need to be quadratically added. HIFI quote < 6 % a based on repeatability and very dependent on band. Dominant source of error is the standing waves in bands 6 and 7.


Demo scripts

All observations used for these demos are public data.


  • Herschel Spectrometers overlap range

  • Instrument particularities to account for in inter-spectrometer comparisons
    • PACS leak
    • Pointing considerations

  • Line Fluxes for point sources
    • Inter-instrument comparisons by HSC
    • User's Data Workflow
    • Mispointing Corrections: The PACS case
    • Line Flux extraction
    • Line Contamination
    • Conversion Units HIPE tools

  • Continuum Sources: the Neptune case

  • Future Prospects:
    • Compact sources
    • Extended sources


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