7 March 2013, 16:00 CET
Chair: Bruno Altieri (HSC/ESA)

On the call: Bruno Altieri, Babar Ali, Roberta Paladini, Marcio Melendez, Simone Bianchi, Jonathan Marshall, Herve Aussel, Bruno MerĂ­n

Video-recording of the webinar


- Minute 0:00 : Introduction to PACS maps with HCSS/HIPE 10 (Bruno Altieri)
- Minute 14:00 : Planned improvements for MadMap in HIPE 11 (Babar Ali)
- Minute 26:50 : Summary of the January 2013 ESAC Map Making workshop (Roberta Paladini)
- Minute 49:35 : Generalized Least-Squares (GLS) map-makers for deep fields (Bruno Altieri)
- Minute 52:02 : end of video

Questions and Answers

Q - Herve Aussel: Is there any update on the differences found from the work of Gonzalo Aniano? Mark Sauvage made comparisons between PACS and MIPS and found consistent results so it would be important to follow this issue up.

A - Roberta Paladini: We have not been able to interact with him further after the WS.



  • 1. description of how the PACS SPG scan maps look like with HCSS/HIPE 10 (BGA) : 10mn
    • the two types, the level 2.5 products, etc ..

  • 2. short demo of how to inspect them and what to watch for in terms of known issues (BGA): 10mn
    • re-processing in Hipe

  • 3. plans for Hipe 11: (10mn)
    • level 3 HPF maps (2mn)
    • JPScanam (BGA or VP) : 3mn
    • improvements in madmap (BA): 5mn

  • 5. external (from HCSS) map-makers (10mn): status
    • Scanamorphos (IDL): BGA
    • Unimap, now public with UniHipe + Unimap (BGA)
    • others


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