14 Mar 2013, 14:30 CET
Chair: Roland Vavrek (HSC/ESA)

In the call: Roland Vavrek, Dominique Benielli, Max Avruch, Emmanuel Caux, Jeroen de Jong, Katrina Exter, Miguel Angel Requena Lopez, Joe, Beatriz Gonzalez, Elena Puga, Stephan Ott, Pedro-García Lario, Bruno Merín

Video recording of the webinar

Minute 1:50 : PACS spectral mapping presentation (Roland Vavrek)
Minute 23:401. : Demo of exploring a cube with the Spectrum Explorer (Katrina Exter)
Minute 39:35 : Integral Field Spectroscopy presentation (Roland Vavrek)
Minute 1:02:00 : Demo on inspecting a PACS cube in HIPE w/ projectPacsCube_4webinar.py (Roland Vavrek)
Minute 1:07:00 : Flux extraction from a PACS cube (Roland Vavrek)
Minute 1:15:00 : Demo on Fitting PACS cubes w/ FittingPacsCubesI_4webinar.py (single line) (Katrina Exter)
Minute 1:25:00 : Demo of the convolution of PACS cubes w/ FittingPacsCubesII_4webinar.py (Katrina Exter)
Minute 1:33:00 : Question about how to treat contamination in an OFF position
Minute 1:37:50 : Presentation on the beam profiles (Roland Vavrek)
Minute 1:44:45 : Presentation on PACS useful scripts on fitting and convolving w/ 201303webinar.pdf (Katrina Exter)
Minute 1:51:23 : End of video.

Video at the HIPE Academy youtube channel: http://youtu.be/tavyp_K7DZs

Questions and Answers

Q - Ian Avruch: I think I am having contamination from an OFF source. What is your advice to cope with these circumstances?
A - Roland Vavrek: It is a tricky issue. The best way to eliminate the contamination is to get rid of the contaminating line flux by interpolating out the line with the RSRF. You cannot do that with a linear fit, even with noise because that would not work. I would take the RSRF from the cal Product for each particular pixels, I would normalize it by fitting a baseline to it and then multiplying to the continuum fit to the off position, so that you have a good interpolation of the contamination line.
Q - Ian Avruch: I thought about doing some MonteCarlo simulation to estimate the contaminating signal.
A - Roland Vavrek: That might not work because the features in the OFF could be dominated from the RSRF signal rather than just by the contaminating line.

Presentations and demo scripts

  • Part II:SPG level 2 products, quick look at spectral cubes using the Spectrum Explorer and Cube Toolbox

  • Part VI:Spectral cube reconstruction concept for oversampled and undersampled rasters (spec project vs. drizzling, the impact of pointing reconstruction accuracy)

  • Part V:Flux extraction methods and line ratio maps (fit on physical spaxel vs. projected spaxel, simple solution to convolution)

  • Part VI:Beam profiles v3 (improvements, product description)

  • Part VII:Outlook: cube-fitting and spatial interpolation solutions in HIPE, convolution tools, comparison to photometer maps


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