15 November 2012, 15:00 CET
Chair: Ivan Valtchanov (HSC)

On the call: Ivan Valtchanov, Daizhong Liu, Luca Conversi, Maria Khramtsova, Matthijs van der Wiel, Rosalind Hopwood, Trevor Fulton, Bruno MerĂ­n, Ke Wang, Paul van der Werf, antioche
Total: 11, 6 external

Video demo tutorial

Youtube video for the Introduction.

Note: the youtube videos are the recordings from the webinar, as it happened during the webex session. The full video was split into smaller sections to match the agenda points.

1. Get data from the HSA (Link to youtube video for this section)
a) search, download and load in HIPE;
b) quick look at the browse product;
c) check the processing and calibration versions.

2. Check before reprocessing (Link to youtube video )
a) FTS footprint on photometry map;
b) noise levels in comparison with HSpot;

3. Reprocess the observation with the user reprocessing script (Link to youtube)
a) include the off-axis detectors;
b) locate the dark sky of the day;
c) run the background subtraction script and save the results.

4. With the results form 3c, do line analysis using the line fitting user script (Link to youtube video)

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers (link to youtube video)

  • - Q-Matthijs van der Wiel: Are the dark sky observations are being lately also taken with the HR mode.
    • A: Yes.

Webinar contents

Title: Reprocessing of SPIRE FTS point-source spectra, improvements and line analysis.

In this webinar we are going to use observations of two sources:
  • Mrk 231: an ultra-luminous infrared galaxy (ULIRG) with a hidden AGN, Sy1 type.
    • SPIRE photometry OBSID: 1342201218 (0x50005D82)
    • SPIRE spectroscopy OBSID: 1342210493 (0x500081BD) from OD558, 104 HR repetitions
    • SPIRE spectroscopy dark sky OBSID: 1342209858 (0x50007F42), 110 CR repetitions

  • AFGL4106: post-red supergiant binary with extended dust envelope.

    • SPIRE photometry OBSID: 1342209298 (0x50007D12)
    • SPIRE spectroscopy OBSID: 1342249459 (0x500119F3) from OD1186 (one of many calibration observations)
    • SPIRE spectroscopy dark sky OBSID: 1342249454 (0x500119E) from OD1186, 150 HR repetitions.

You can also use your own data.

Note:we are not going to talk about SPIRE FTS spectral maps (aka spectral cubes) in this webinar. There will be a dedicated webinar on spectral maps. Meanwhile, people interested in spectral maps can read the SPIRE Data Reduction Guide, chapter 6.6 or the public wiki page on SPIRE Cube Analysis and follow the examples there. In case of doubts or questions please raise a Herschel helpdesk ticket or send a message to herschel_dp_spirespec@sciops.esa.int