5 Dic. 2013, 14:30
Chair: Elena Puga

In the call: Beatriz Gonzalez García, Roland Vavrek, Elena Puga, Miguel, Bart Vandenbussche, Martin Groenewegen, Bruno Merín

This webinar will summarize the What's New for HIPE 11 for PACS spectroscopy and demonstrate how to extract calibrated line information in the R1 leak region of PACS spectra (190 to 210 microns). We will also discuss the upcoming features for HIPE 12.


  1. What's New for HIPE 11
  2. PACS Spectrometer De-leaked R1 RSRF for lines
    1. Demo on ipipe modification to reprocess with de-leaked R1 RSRF: SED, single-pointed observation (HIPE 13 build 538 is needed to run this demo)
  3. Heads-up for HIPE 12

Video-recording of the webinar

We decided not to record this first session until HIPE 12 contains a bug fix that allows to run all demos with it.

Questions and answers

Q - Beatriz Gonzalez: making line ratios between lines in and out of the leak range, using this correction will produce a noisier quotient spectrum.
A - Elena Puga: Yes, but the calibration of that will be correct, while not using this new RSRF will produce wrong line fluxes.