HIPE Data Processing webinar #4

14 Feb. 2013, 14:30 CET
Chair: Bruno Merín (HSC)

In the call: Ian Avruch, Gabriele Mainetti, Jason, Jonathan Marshall, Stephan Ott, USM, Bruno Merín

Video-recording of the webinar

Watch video directly in our Youtube HIPE Academy channel: http://youtu.be/hVuVgsROKoU

Videocast contents

Minute 1:34 : HIPE

Minute 7:00 : HIFI

Minute 11:44 : PACS Photometry

Minute 13:36 : PACS Spectroscopy

Minute 15:17: SPIRE Photometry

Minute 17:10 : SPIRE Spectroscopy

Minute 18:16 : Plugins and contributed software

End: 21:37

Questions and Answers

There were no questions.



  1. What is new in HIPE 10 document (full description):
  2. List of plugins for HIPE 10. Full list.


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