5 Nov. 2013, 14:30
Chair: Bruno MerĂ­n


This webinar covers the overall improvements in HIPE 11, which includes the systematic instrument pipelines, the products in the archive and the HIPE user interface. In particular, we will describe the improved pointing accuracies for observations from OD < 320, a script which combines PACS photometer data reduction and point source photometry in scanmaps and general updates in the calibration for PACS and SPIRE.


  1. Welcome
  2. What's new in the systematic pipeline (SPG) products produced with HCSS version 11
  3. What's new in the user pipelines in HIPE 11
  4. What's new in the analysis tools in HIPE 11
  5. Questions and Answers

Video-recording of the webinar:

Webinar contents:


Minute 0:00 : What's New wiki page
Minute 2:00 : Release Notes
Minute 3:05 : Product Generation (SPG) changes
Minute 11:18 : What's New in User Pipelines
Minute 13:30 : Updates to HIPE Analysis Tools
Minute 20:45 : HIPE Plug-ins
Minute 23:19 : Questions
End: 32:01

Questions and answers: