HIPE DP webinar #3

4 October 2012, 15:00 CEST
Chair: Bruno MerĂ­n (HSC)

Questions and Answers

    • Questions:
    • - (Requena) Are you going to make CASSIS plugin?
      • A: This will be considered once the new version of CASSIS is out.
    • - (Yildiz) We have a source that we see in HIFI but not in PACS-S, could you tell us what to do?

Contents of webinar

1.- Welcome

1.1.- What is new in HIPE 9.0/9.1 Full description

2.- Spectrum and cube toolbox

2.1.- New Spectrum Explorer tool in HIPE 9/9.1
2.2.- Analysis of spectra and cubes

3.- New plugins

3.1.- See full list of available scripts
3.2.- How to install and update a plugin
3.3.- How to run in HIPE software from a plugin

4.- Virtual Observatory

4.1.- How to send/retrieve images to VO tools
4.2.- How to send/retrieve spectra to VO tools
4.3.- How to send/retrieve tables to VO tools

5.- Questions and Answers