What is the HIPE Community Wiki?

The HIPE Community Wiki is an open forum for whoever uses HIPE to reduce and analyse Herschel data. Come here to ask questions and discuss with your peers.

How is it different from the public Twiki pages of the Herschel Science Centre?

You can see the page in the public area of the Herschel Science Centre, but editing is restricted to members of the Herschel project. Here we try to keep our doors as open as possible.

If anyone can edit, how can I trust what I see on this website?

Treat it as any community-led website, like Wikipedia. Use your common sense and, in case of doubt, check other sources or ask us by leaving a comment. We monitor changes to the website so that any inappropriate content is swiftly removed. We also reserve the right to restrict editing access to some or all pages.

How can I contribute?

There are three ways for you to contribute:
  • Edit a page to add or correct material. Just click the Edit button to get started. You only need a free Wikispaces account to become a member of our wiki and be able to edit any page.
  • Leave comments, or reply to existing comments, in the Disqus comment boxes you find at the bottom of most pages. To leave anonymous comments you just need to provide a valid email address, which won’t be shown. You can also log into a Disqus, Google, Twitter or Facebook account.
  • Start a discussion, or contribute to an existing discussion. Every page of this wiki (even this one) has a forum-like discussion page which you can access by clicking the HipeCommunityDiscussionIcon.png icon. You need a free Wikispaces account to be able to add discussion posts.

What’s in it for me?

The more you contribute to this community, the more you are likely to get back as contributions from other members. We are also thinking of ways to make contributing more fun and rewarding. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment and we’ll listen to you!

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