First of all, if you are reading this page you are probably interested in contributing to HIPE, and for this you deserve a big thank you from the whole HIPE team!

We have prepared a series of tutorials to get you started:
  • Introduction to contributing to HIPE: There are many ways to give your contribution to HIPE. It's not all about writing software! This page lists some areas in which your help would be appreciated. Make sure to read this page if you are just starting out with HIPE contributions.
  • Creating your first Jython task: If you want to contribute software after all, this tutorial teaches you how to build a simple Jython task.
  • Creating your first Java task: This is the same as the previous tutorial, but focused on Java rather than Jython. We recommend you code in Jython unless you already have Java code you want to turn into a task. If you don't know the difference between Jython and Java, do not worry and go ahead with Jython!
  • Modifying an existing Jython task: All data reduction pipeline steps are written as tasks. Jython tasks are used especially by PACS. If you want to improve a pipeline step that's written as a Jython task, read this tutorial.
  • Modifying an existing Java task: This is the same as the previous tutorial, but focussed on Java rather than Jython. HIFI and SPIRE pipeline tasks, in addition to almost all core tasks, are written in Java. If you want to improve an existing task written in Java, read this tutorial. Note that you could also reimplement the task in Jython if you do not want to code in Java.

Of course, the point of this free wiki is to allow you to improve and comment on these tutorials! Go ahead and edit even without an account, or open a free Wikispaces account to start and reply to discussions.

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