HIPE DP webinars (round #3)

5 October 2012, 15:00 CEST;
Chair: Eva Verdugo (HSC)

In the call: Chris Pearson, Daizhong Liu, David Atlee, Davide Rizzo, Deborah Baines, Elena Puga, Gabriele Mainetti, Ivan Valtchanov, Jean Matagne, Eva Verdugo, Juan Carlos Segovia, Stephan Ott, Martin, Bruno Altieri, Bruno MerĂ­n

Demo on how to retrieve data from the Herschel Science Centre User Interface.

Webinar contents

1.- Welcome

1.1.- Faster and simpler data access with MyHSA: initial presentation of the webinar

2.- Demo on HSA

2.1.- How to retrieve an observation from the HSA User Interface and read it in HIPE

3.- Data flow video tutorial

3.1.- A complete data flow of an observation using MyHSA:
From the retrieval of an observation from the Herschel Science Archive to the
generation and handling of different processed versions of it in the local disk of a user.
Update: the video tutorial is now available on the HIPE Academy YouTube channel.

4.- Demo on MyHSA

4.1.- MyHSA and the Product Browser
4.2.- MyHSA Preferences panel

5.- Questions and Answers